T-Mobile-Stories: Laura Chodasz, Employee Engineering & Lifecycle Management

19. Juni 2018 /

Heute stellen wir in der T-Mobile-Story Laura Chodasz, Employee Engineering & Lifecycle Management, vor.

“I’m enjoying working with my team and working with other teams. For me, interhuman relation is really important. I have a quite good flexibility in the meaning of taking decisions and being responsible for what i want to do” says Laura Chodasz Employee Engineering & Lifecycle Management at T-Mobile Austria. One advice for her 14-year-old self is: “It’s important to try as many things as possible. Discover what makes fun and what is interesting for me to stay focused on that.”

Verfasst von
Sie ist Pressesprecherin von T-Mobile Austria und Hauptredakteurin des 0676 Blogs. Sie interessiert sich seit der Jugend für Telekommunikation, Technologie und Mobilfunk.


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